Dr Christobell Misschief

Is a gentle therapeutic clown with a bit of a zany edge, as a sparkleologist her mission is to unleash the lost sparkle with a bit of mischief making and creative playfulness. See more.

Clown Millie Marriegold

An ambassador of joy that through music, puppets and clowning meets older people living with dementia to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere or an uplifting of spirits. She helps improve quality of life and being completely in the moment.

Clowning in the Community

Dr Christobell Misschief mainly works in hospitals and hospices, but is sometimes released out into the wilds of a farm, special events, fetes and fairs. Her clowning is from the heart, both intuitive and spontaneous with integrity and honour. Find out more.

Interactive Workshops

Workshops can be a one off or a series of sessions. I have enough equipment for a class and more. Collaborative projects: I am always interested in intergenerational projects or agencies joining together in a creative innovative way. Choose Workshop.

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About Chris

A dynamic motivator who has been running workshops for many years. Been practicing as a clown and working in the community since 1986