Arts for Health – my philosophy

Philosophy of Chrisalis Clowning

Non verbal/verbal it’s cross cultural and communicates in a visually accessible way that is extremely inclusive .A gentle clowning with therapeutic edges and sensitivity (no make up just red nose and a big heart). Spontaneous and embryonic ( great for short attention spans) Structured fun workshops that are layered with accessibilty for achievability and challenges of differing levels, pushing boundaries, untapping potential and adapting to whom working with .Engaging and interactive. Intuitive, instinctual, improviser in the moment.Adaptive and responsive both to individual's /groups needs and the current situation in the world.The clown as a catalyst, an agent for humanity in time of crisis.

Anne Cameron in Daughters of Copperwoman says of clowns" They didn't just come out once in a while to act silly and make people laugh, our clowns were with us all the time, as important to the village as the chief, or the shaman, or the dancers, or the poets."

Seeing the world from an original state as Grotowski says: " ... That for the child everything happens for the first time."

Chrisalis Clowning is particularly interested in addressing challenging, sensitive topics or a clown with a mission. At a recent event Plastic free Felixstowe, the story of Duffy the turtle was told he ate too much plastic and got ill. The clown can get important messages across in a direct, humorous fun way. Sometimes the clown can be a way in particularly for people who might be non verbal or from another culture. The clown is universal and touches all of humanity through their honesty and openess of heart. It can be the case that the clown can go where others might not, to meet at that point, to cross those boundaries and to liberate!

" A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly, but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows and bubbles all around" ( Carolyn, Birmingham)

Laughter is a gift, joy another form of prayer, for the Hopi, a smile is sacred.