Circus Skills Workshops

plate spinning at circus skills workshopsBook one of our circus skills workshops today. Juggling, Unicycling, Pedal goes, Fun Wheels, Feather balancing, Diabolo, Flower stick, Slack rope walking, box/hat manipulation, Plate spinning, Dressing up, Pom poms, Ribbon twirling. Includes warm up game/exercise and warm down one( workshops as part of curriculum, reward for attendance/achievement/after school club/for teachers to use in class/breaks/interactive with songs in care homes or as part leisure club/brownies/guides). As part of an event to help create colourful carnival atmosphere with plenty of activities for everyone.


The benefits

Circus skills workshops can increase our confidence, balance, co-ordination and belief in our self to achieve great things! What was once impossible ceases to be and becomes achievable in simple steps broken down for maximum development.

Inter generational circus skills

Chris is keen to do more inter generational projects where young people learn a circus skill then how to perform and devise a mini interactive sharing at a local care home. These projects can increase confidence enormously and bring joy to adults living in a care setting.


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