Clown Doctor

Dr Christobell Misschief - (Sparkleologist) is passionate about the healing power of laughter as the best medicine and transforming environments and empowering individuals.Creating a world fuelled by the magical connections of the red nose with wonder, joy, beauty, laughter and playfulness. In the hospital setting it can be very traumatic and stressful, sometimes  a clown can help navigate through challenging emotions and invasive procedures, through distractions, acknowledging, accepting and concentrating on the individual. Looking at the person not the condition, illness or injury, whatever they are going through they still are a child/young person with a natural instinct to play and to be curious. As clown doctors we enable this to unfold and recognise that sometimes fear, stress and anxiety can dissolve with sensitive engagement and looking/being in different ways.Dr Misschief wheels a bag of props for different eventualities and from babies to teenagers. A shiney scrunchy silver blanket or a singing bowl may console a distressed baby whilst a plate might be spun or a card chosen from a healing animal pack for a young person low in self esteem.

She is sometimes accompanied by faithful puppets Debra the Zebra, Gogowroth the dragon and Lela the Snail. Slapstick clowning can sometimes elicit a smile, a song might sooth or uplift and involve parents/carers in the silliness, a blast from her bubble trumpet can usually melt the most resistant patients,( care being taken not to wet the bed,)a bit of mischief making, a simple magic trick, a squeek of the nose or juggling brussell sprouts are all tools used to find a way in, to connect and be together in the moment. To trust the moment, the process and let the magic evolve!

The best gift in the world is to hear the sound of laughter particularly if that child hasn't smiled or laughed for ages!

doctor Christobell mischief