Corporate Workshops for fun and operational efficiency

Laughter Yoga benefits for your business?

Feel good factor laughing can have same health benefits as 20 minutes rowing. It is both physically and mentally good for you. When you laugh often you have a radiance a glow. Happy hormones are released throughout your body and more oxygen gets into your brain .
Operational efficiency , one of the keys to success in a company is investing time and money in your workforce. The people are the most important element in any business. If the individuals in your company feel valued and respected they are more likely to promote and be motivated in the shared vision.
Encourages playfulness, humour and innovation can be very creative in business terms.
Trust building and developing open relationships and rapport, creating interaction across different work sectors. This will help strengthen interpersonal relationships. Can increase awareness of other departments/divisions within the business to improve access points.
Clear and open communication. Laughter yoga encourages eye contact and non verbal connections that are honest and authentic on a deeper level. Clarity in negotiations and deep listening with the whole body, creating an effective and fully present exchange.
Encourage supportive environment. Laughter yoga classes model a safe , non judgemental, inclusive vision. It is a positive accepting culture that values each individual for who they are. Collaboration and innovation are key aspects of business.
Motivate team members particularly those who feel burnt out. Vigorate and re-vitalise any feelings of stuckness within the company.
Fresh perspective, might take people out of their comfort zone at first yet can soon become liberatins, dynamic and exciting! Exploring new possibilities can be catalysts for productive change.
Reduction of stress, offering tools for self regulation and resilience. Laughter yoga can strengthen the immune system and increase a positive mind set.
Fun in a thought provoking and life changing style. Creating effective strategies to improve health and well being.