Interactive Performances at Events

In the community as clown at special events, fetes, fairs, festivals, naming ceremonies, weddings, celebrations. At a summer fete for example , I would rock up with a large selection of circus skills, dressing up, giant and baby bubbles, puppets, stories, basic magic, creative capers such as sack races and red nose spoon races. At an event the clown can be the link to what is going on. The clown can help in situations of long queues (eg . children waiting to have face painted)whist waiting an interactive story might be told, a magic trick revealed or a quick tuition inĀ  juggling or hat tricks . The clown can bring joy and laughter to a situation, she can engage meet and create an inclusive, interactive atmosphere of fun. Through the red nose people of all ages can become involved and part of the magic!

As clown she can walkabout mingle or unicycle between the action. Sometimes seen with a large feather duster clearing away any cobwebs.

doctor Christobel mischief