Millie Marriegold helping with dementia


One of the main aims of the Forget me not project run by Suffolk Artlink is to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia.

Millie Marriegold is a  forget-me-not visitor,who loves to listen about travelling and the different places people have been. One of her favourite songs is What a wonderful world what she likes most is when people sing along or tap out the rhythm. In her bag she has a collection of paraphernalia from wind up toys, hand massage equipment, a magical flower, a magnetic dancing ballerina and of course her collie puppet dog Patch. In the hospital environment sometimes people might become confused or agitated, so for a calming influence a happi omni drum is used as a tool for relaxation.

The red nose can provide a bridge to meet the individual where they are at that moment in time. A connection is made through creativity, spontaneous interaction and an authentic presence. A compassionate silence, being fully present, fully focused in being with the person, free from judgements and distractions. The essence of the exchange is new and unique each time, this is the magic. Through the clown emotions can be communicated and validificated without words, sometimes this can bring back some sense of identity, some sense of reconnection with family or carers. The code of ethics when working with people living with dementia and elders are : dignity, respect  and honour.

Millie mainly works with the other forget me not visitors for Suffolk Artlink yet is also available to visit care homes as an ambassador of joy. She would be able to initiate an interactive group experience as well as tailor made individual visits.



millie marigold
dancing millie marriegold
millie marriegold