Workshops – for health and wellbeing

Circus Skills

Circus skills: Juggling, Unicycling, Pedal goes, Fun Wheels, Feather balancing, Diabolo, Flower stick, Slack rope walking, box/hat manipulation, Plate spinning, Dressing up, Pom poms, Ribbon twirling. Includes warm up game/exercise and warm down one( workshops as part of curriculum/for teachers to use in class/breaks/interactive with songs in care homes or as part leisure club/brownies/guides)As part of an event to help create colourful carnival atmosphere with plenty of activities for everyone. See more on Circus Skills here.


A selection of trestle masks to use for exploration. Excellent means of expression to increase confidence and self discovery through range of emotions.


Using techniques from Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre and improvisation, drama exercises are used to experiment and transform


From cat and mouse to prisoners and guards, a selection of fun interactive team games.

Wellbeing programme

An innovative series of workshops addressing the current increase in mental health issues to improve resilience, self regulation, self calming, assertiveness and confidence. Workshops include : Assertiveness,Anger, Anxiety,Stress,Body image, Looking after me, Celebrating me using creative arts such as shadow theatre, masks, stories, movement ,puppets.

Laughter Yoga

A combination of yogic breathing techniques and playful exercises to activate laughter. In ancient China the Taoists taught that a constant inner smile to oneself insured health, happiness and longevity.

Chris is a dynamic motivator who has been running workshops for over 30 years.Her style is to enthuse and empower in an inclusive, accessible, fun, relaxed way!

Workshops can be a one off or a series of sessions. I have enough equipment for a class and more.

Collaborative projects

I am always interested in intergenerational projects or agencies joining together in a creative innovative way.

plate spinning at circus skills workshops